Sunday, November 05, 2017

Cbeebies Panto Fun.

We are not in a Christmassy mood, thanks to a trip to see Cbeebies Panto. I was lucky enough to get tickets from the lottery draw. 376,000 people applied for tickets. So we were thrilled to get to see it last Saturday.

It was an early start as we gphad to travel to Leicester. We also had to wear our party dress and Christmas jumpers. Only mishap was we forgot the kids coat and had to buy Penny.a new one. We thought we were looking at a morning of queuing, but thankful they were well organised and we waited only 40mins before we were issused with ticket and seat numbers. After that we wandered around the Snow Queen themed activites that Cbeebies had put on. 

There were people dressed up in strange and odd costumes. Penny was a little shy to begin with, it was all a little too different for her. We did a treasure hunt and collected letters to win a prize of a swashbuckler set. A quick stop of popcorn, lunch and a coffee for me and Col, then we made crowns and headed outside. Outside was a snow storm, which my lot loved. We all had a go at ice skating for the first time. Starting very carefully using the penguins to balance. Marley quickly skating off, having no fear of tumbling down. James and Penny also ditched the penguin to have a go on their own. It was loved by all of them. They had a go in the circus hut, juggling, hoops, spinning plates and diablos.

Then it was back to the theatre for the show. It was great. We saw lots of our favourite characters, including Mr. Tumble and silly Cook and Lime. We were taught a song and the actions and joined in during the preformance. The kids loved it. We are all hoping to spot ourselves on telly when it is shown at Christmas. 

Afterwards we braved going to a Vietnamese restaurant. The kids got to eat with chopstic,s with Penny thought was great. She has taken some to show her teacher. 
It was a great day. All of the children behaved fantastically. We are really proud of them. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

October Half Term

So much for a quiet week, chilling out.
We have been to Wheelgate park for a Halloween treat, rides and play. Followed by bowling with Grandma Janet. James won. We have made halloween pumpkins. Visited Holly and Beth for a play. Been to Whisby nature walk and picnic with Marley and Col. Penny has been horse riding and James has been experimenting.
Busy busy.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Gluten Free, lactose Free, Chocolate brownies.

As chocolate brownies go these are one of the best recipies I've tried, normal and gluten free. These are my go to treat for Penny and I often pop one in my handbag for her if we are out and I think there won't be a sweet option for her.

100g Chocolate. I just a dark lactose free one.
2 eggs
100g caster sugar
50g Gluten Free Self Rasing Flour.

Melt 75g of the chocolate and leave to cool.
Whisk the eggs and sugar until it has double in volume and pale looking.
Fold the cooled chocolate into egg/sugar mix.
Sieve in flour and choco powder and fold in.
Put into a lined and greased tin.
Bake 180 for 20mins.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

WOW. We got tickets for the Cbeebies Panto.

2 days ago I got an Email stating that we hadn't been unsuccessful in getting tickets of the Cbeeies panto production. Not really suprising as masses of families apply. This year was the first time we have entered the draw for ourselves, normally we enter on behalf of my sister and have no luck.
However, last night I get another Email saying we have won 5 tickets, yay go us.
The panto is at Leicester and is the Snow Queen, right up Penny's street. The only sticking point is what to do about Izzy. The show states that it is recommended for over 4s, due to mild peril. Also, it is a long day of hanging about. You have to queue to get a wristband because you are no guaranteed a seat in the theatre. Then you have to queue to get a seat as you are not issued with a seat number. No sure it will be a fun filled day for Iz.
So excited.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

4 reason why I hate toy advent calenders.

I love, love LOVE the run up to Christmas. The lights, the sparkle, the gorgeous smells and being able to wear boots.

One thing I absolutely hate is the toy advent calender. The chocolates are bad enough. Last year we left it too late to get a dairy free advent calender for Penny (not made that mistake this year, one is already tucked away) so we improvised, using a paper picture one and giving her some Haibo every morning. Was this good enough, no, no and no. We had tears and tantrums until one morning I hid it until she sorted herself out. James on the other day lived and breathed for that tiny, chocolately goodie. Every morning instead of bursting in our room with kisses and a cuddle it was 'can I have my advent calender'. Grrrr

Which bring me to toy advent calenders and why I hate them.

1. It is just greed, greed, greed. I'm sure the same thing was said about chocolate one when they first cames out, but compare £1 chocolate to £20. It a huge different especially with three little darlings to buy for.

2. The toys are crap. The lego ones consists of a few brick that you have to guess ehat they vaguely look like. You know you will be sweeping them up with the wrapping paper come boxing day.

3. Once again, greed. My lot get enough stuff at Christmas. Yes, they get presents from Santa, Grannies, cousins and next door (they are super lucky). They also get parties, Santa trips, panto trips, Christmas days out.

4. They are everywhere, at some point my kids will twig (especially now James can read) what they are and ask for one. I will put my foot down.

I have also mentioned that the family advent calender won't happen this year as it is too much for three children. This is a fabric one, most of the time it contains things like, make gingerbread men or house, make reindeer food, make cards, decorate the tree, party games, visit to Santa. Stuff we do anyway, sometimes there maybe a lolly in there or a chocolate. We alternate it sometimes with the children. It worked last year but though it would be too much this year with three of them. James was disappointed and saud the best thing was making the gingerbread house. So looks like we are doing that again.
Beaver are doing a reverse advent calender, ever session we take a some food and near Christmas it gets given the food bank. I like this idea, except I keep forgetting yo take stuff in.

Gluten free, dairy free Apple blackberry crumble.

Penny tummy seems to be playing up. So we have tigthened up the gluten free diet to compensate for the few times she does have gluten at school. She is also lactose intolerant.
As James had picked a bag of apples at Stick Grandmas house, I spend time this afternoon making an apple and blackberry crumble.

I never have much success in crumbles where the crumble cooks on top of the fruit, so in my recipe you cook the crumble on a baking tray, it goes more biscuity than crumble.

Apple and blackberry crumble.


120g gluten free plain flour
120g dairy free butter
60g brown sugar
60g caster sugar

Crumble the flour and butter until it looks like breadcrumbs (this can be tricky as I used dairy free marg and it was very soft, so some of it went into doughy lumps. Don't worry it will be fine). Mix in the sugars. Place on a baking tray and bake for 10mins at 180. Take out and break down the bigger lumps with a fork. Bake for a further 5mins or until brown.

Cup apples into slices, place in the pan with 5tbsp water, 1tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ginger and 1/2tsp nutmeg and 2tbsp lemon juice.
Cook gently until soft, add blackberrys.
Drain the liquid, place the fruit in a dish and add about 3tbsp of the liquid.
Put the crumble onto.
Place in the over for 20mins or until liquid is bubbling.

I would freeze the crumble made up. You can freeze the cooked fruit. The crumble topping will keep for about a week in an air tight container.

PS the picture is only a small dish, only a few of us like it so I tend to make a small one for us and Stick Grandma, then make one up later in the week.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Our little girl is 2.

Happy birthday to our youngest, Izzy.

You are such a sweetie. Easy going, happy, contented little thing.
You coming running to me, when I've finished work with the biggest hug, smile and kiss.
If I go out of the door to a different room for 5mins, when I come back you great me like you have seen me in ages.
You play happily on your own and with your big brother and sister.
When we pick James and Penny up to school you run to them, like a slow mo love scene in a film, eending in a gigantic hug and kiss, especially from James.
You are into everything, drawers, climbing.
You copy Penny like a hero worshipper, you are very luck that most of the time Penny will play with you and is happy to drag you around with her.
I love listening to you and Penny talk in the mornings, even though you have limited speech, Penny seems to know exactly what you are saying and responds back, both chatting away.
You are starting to comft people when they are sad. You pass Dolly to Penny when she is upset and stroke people gently.
You can count up to 10 impressing everyone around you and say please and thank you.
You find new things fascinating, whether it is a spider, fly, leave, stone, broken car wheel or the bin. You say a soft "wow" and investigate.
You are my darling and I love you more than ever, I'm looking forward to watching you explore the world around you, growing and learning and finding your way.

Happy birthday.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Parents Evening (between the lines)

Parents evening tonight, all was good, no problem. Here are a few things that was said and I have read between the lines.

Takes her role as one of the older one very seriously and help run the class. (Bossy).

Has recently widened her friendship group. (Fallen out with her firend and has had to rethink who she plays with).

Her confidence had increased. (She has got louder).


Is eager to finish his work. (Rushes and can make mistakes).

Increase in confidence. (Louder).

Likes to share his ideas and always thinks he is right. (Thinks he is always right whatever anyone else says, even when proof is in front of him).

Thankfully these are only minor things and both children are doing well, settled in nicely and are happy. James is enjoying lessons and sharing his ideas and show enthusiasm. He reading is coming along nicely. Penny is bubbly, confident, she listens well and responds appropriately.  She is doing well with her phonics and numbers. 

Both John and I are very please and proud of both of them. They are doing brilliantly.